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What is physiotherapy?


Physiotherapy is a special form of treatment that is constantly evolving, which deals with the restoration of physical and mental health, using natural means, specialized machines, special techniques, being an integral part of the health services provided.

In physiotherapy as a means of treatment and rehabilitation it is not only the machines but also those techniques that are applied through the hands by the specialized therapist.

Physiotherapy is widely used in injuries and diseases of the human body.

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Physio Restart, following the instructions of the NPHO and for as long as the Pandemic lasts, modifies its program and the services offered in such a way as to ensure maximum safety and protection of the health of visitors and staff, while maintaining at the same time the same high level in both rehabilitation and treatment that it had before the Pandemic crisis. For this reason, access to the site is allowed only to those who have previously contacted the secretariat of Physio Restart to make an appointment and of course strictly follow the instructions of the specialised staff.

Strict observance of Personal Protection Measures, where required, is for the good of all and will exist until the measures are completely lifted.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.