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Kinesiotaping - Taping


The Kinesio Taping method consists of waterproof-hypoallergenic adhesive tapes (taping) and is a technique that complements the recovery program. It is designed to activate the body's natural healing mechanisms, while at the same time helping to "support" and stabilise the muscles and joints, thus helping their normal movement across the range. It is also a constant stimulus the soft tissues and through them in the brain 2. in the motor control area (motor control area), thus helping to maintain and expand therapeutic techniques.


  • Normalizes muscle function
    Tape Movement (CT) is effective in repairing and normalising injured muscles due to hyperactivity or injury. With hyperactivity, muscles are often subject to serious injury and inflammation. CT is effective in providing support to the injured muscle and helping to repair the weakened muscle.
  • Improves lymph flow and blood flow
    The space between the skin and the muscle is often reduced as a result of congestion of lymph fluid and blood flow. This congestion increases the activity of pain receptors located on the skin. CT increases the gap between the skin and the muscles to promote the flow of lymph fluid and blood.
  • Reduces pain
    CT is also effective in reducing pain. The primary mechanism for pain relief is through the activation of reduced pain receptors with increased subcutaneous / subcutaneous vacuum.
  • Corrects joint movement and improves susceptibility
    The restriction and change in the movement of the joint is caused by the reduction of its elasticity and the imbalances of the muscular forces exerted on it. Musculoskeletal injury exacerbates changes and abnormal muscle forces exerted on the joint. CT can provide the right intubation to help restore normal joint strength.
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