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Manual Therapy


Manual Therapy is an excellent treatment with special manipulations, known worldwide, for the rehabilitation of neuromuscular-skeletal problems, using very specialised approach techniques, which include manipulations and therapeutic exercises.

How is the treatment done?

The Therapist (Manual Therapist) through his hands recognises the dysfunctions, whether they are in the bones, or in the muscles, or in the nerves and corrects them.

The bones where our joints join and form should normally make some joint play with each other. If these micro-slips are present in the normal range, the body area is functioning properly. However, if there is an injury - constant fatigue - wrong posture, the joint play decreases or increases and then the muscles - tendons function incorrectly and cause injuries such as epicondylitis of the elbow or some syndromes such as cervical syndrome, back pain.

The Manual Therapist with the appropriate manipulations will correct the micro-slips (joint play), and will restore the body to its correct and smooth function.

When does the patient see results?

The results are visible from the first visit.

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Physio Restart, following the instructions of the NPHO and for as long as the Pandemic lasts, modifies its program and the services offered in such a way as to ensure maximum safety and protection of the health of visitors and staff, while maintaining at the same time the same high level in both rehabilitation and treatment that it had before the Pandemic crisis. For this reason, access to the site is allowed only to those who have previously contacted the secretariat of Physio Restart to make an appointment and of course strictly follow the instructions of the specialised staff.

Strict observance of Personal Protection Measures, where required, is for the good of all and will exist until the measures are completely lifted.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.