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Trigger points

What is Trigger Point Therapy and how is it applied?

Very often in people who have been caught we find some muscle fibers (some points inside the muscles) that are tighter and cause pain when you push them. Many times it can seem like something like a hard "ball". These are the myoperitoneal points of sensitivity or Trigger Points in international terminology.

So we treat and deactivate the muscle pain trigger points (Trigger Points) by using ischemic pressure from the therapist's fingers or by using appropriate tools.

How are trigger points activated and give pain?

These points are located in specific areas on the muscles. They are usually triggered by minor injuries that have not been treated or by severe muscle contractions or by a "bad habit" in our posture or work. Trigger points can give local or even reflex pain elsewhere.

How is the treatment done?

Using his thumb the therapist or a special instrument applies constant pressure in a slightly circular direction from the outside to the center of the point for 35 to 45 seconds. The intensity of the pressure depends on the patient's resistance to the painful stimulus. Dr Travell called this technique "Ischemic Pressure" because during application the spot turns white due to the removal of blood, while with the release of pressure red due to violent restoration of blood. The technique is repeated for 3-5 times depending on the therapist's judgment. Then stretches are applied to the muscle to restore it to the right length and to gradually regain its normal elasticity. We should warn the patient that for the next 24 hours the points we pressed may be painful and that this is a normal reaction after 24 hours the pain (and the one that pre-existed) decreases dramatically.

Is the effect of the treatment permanent?

If the pain is due solely to the existence of trigger points, then yes.

However, pain in the area may occur again if the mechanism that caused it is reactivated. For example, if after completing the treatment the patient puts a lot of effort on his body, walks in the wrong way, makes wrong movements or does not exercise, the point or points of pain trigger can be reactivated. For this reason, the patient should follow the instructions of his therapist.

It is extremely important in order not to re-create the Trigger point to correct the cause that was created, ie to correct the posture and many times the movement of the patient and to restore the muscular balance in the area.

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